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Our Approach

Our team brings a collegial style and step-by-step process to guide you toward systematic leadership giving and more top-of-pyramid major donors.

Three-Step Process

Combining rigorous analysis with proven fundraising practices and programs, we help you design and execute a comprehensive strategy to build scalable systems and reliable revenues.

Step 1: Baseline Analysis


We begin with a wide view to fully understand your organization and current fundraising program.

Step 2: Strategic Work Plan


We then join with you to define a work plan tied to your annual cycle and strategies for leadership giving..

Step 3: Hands-On Support

Our commitment continues with hands-on support to execute your plan and ensure your success.



Our underlying philosophy of fundraising is reflected in the following ideas.

Development is a process

It's all about relationships

Donors are your partners

Philanthropy starts in the gut

Leadership and leverage drive growth


Cultivate.  Harvest.  Repeat. 

Core Concepts

Our approach draws on a few fundraising concepts that drive our solutions and your success.

Gift Pyramids

The top 20% of your donors will provide at least 80% of all the funds you raise.

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Leadership Giving

Leadership Giving bridges reliable annual revenues and transformative major gifts.

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Cultivation Cycles

Cultivating top donors is a cyclical  process of building personal relationships.

Pipeline Development

Ensuring future revenue streams requires ongoing research and peer networking.

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Strategic Solutions

Strategic solutions solve today's complex challenges while building durable systems.


Affordable Pricing


Our commitment to affordability for all nonprofits informs the way we work with you.

We tend to engage with clients for a fixed term, often a full year. This enables our best pricing, maximizes your return-on-investment (ROI), and leverages insights during the annual cycle that may modify initial plans.


Some clients have specific projects such as a digital marketing revamp, leadership donor event, or capital campaign. Others need targeted task outsourcing like social media. For staff transitions we can offer custom search support. This work is priced on a custom basis.

We'll try to help you recover your investment in our work via a capacity-building grant or major gift ask. And our leadership giving focus yields big recurring dividends.

Our aim is to help you build best-practice programs, staff capacity, and engaged top-tier donors to provide renewable resources for years to come.


Sponsorship programs, website, hands-on event and media support - all were carefully aligned to give us an efficient fundraising model with immediate ROI, renewable revenues, and strong potential for growth.

Jacob Robinson, former Executive Director

West Roxbury Main Streets

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